Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 13, 2013: End of PCT in Canada!!!

It was an easy wake up for my last full day on the PCT. I got up, put my food bag in my pack, and got going leaving my tent and everything behind. All the miles were downhill and with about 3 miles left, I started to get pretty excited. I hit the last turns and there it was. 2700 miles of walking from Mexico to Canada. It was a very great moment knowing that I had what it took to make it happen. What a journey it was, too. I took my 30 minutes to soak it in and sign the register, then turned around and headed back to pick up my stuff. I got to see all the people who were right behind me. They warned me that Meander wants to leave ASAP since all the hunters are coming out for the first weekend of hunting. So, I actually ended up doing a pretty big day for my last full day. 30-35 miles or thereabouts. I'm within 10 miles of Harts Pass, so I'll wake up early and be done hiking for a bit tomorrow morning. So what now. First thing first: Make arrangements for getting to the Bay Area where I will take a good relax and eating session for a day or two at my parent's house, then I'll be off on more journeys. I have some cash stowed away and hiking is cheap. And yes, I am addicted so I have plans of hiking all over the southwest (Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Sedona, and numerous other places around there along with, hopefully, Utah), and maybe a month or two in Hawaii if the budget fits it in. Then, next March 2014, I will be departing to the east coast to make my way on the Appalachian Trail. I figure why not, live life to the fullest and soak it all in. One might say this was the trip of a lifetime, but I plan on living a life where this is just another trip in a lifetime of trips of a lifetime. Also, this was not my last meeting with the PCT. I will be back to do sections, day hikes, and if my body permits, another thru hike a few years down the road. For everyone out there that is reading this and enjoying it, go out and hike, anywhere. Hiking is amazing and I'm glad I'm addicted. And for all the people who say I'm young and can do things like this, hiking is for anyone. I met people of all ages out here. The youngest thru hiker was 12. I personally hiked with an incredible man, Opa, who was 73. My advice to future PCT thru hikers: Be careful with that metal monument at the end. It's pretty heavy and after 2700 miles of walking your upper body gets a little weak. The thing almost took me out and I could barely get it back on. And last but not least, thanks to everyone on the trail, people I hiked with, trail angels, and of course my family and friends for being such a great support all the way, from my brother aiding me in the desert, to Pacmom and all her great visits, and to Pops and Uncle Mark for logging some hard miles with me.

Peace out.
Pacman aka Doug Murray.


  1. Way to go Pacman. Thanks for blogging your awesome journey. Been reading daily since the desert, it's been a fun summer hanging with you.

    Congrat's on making it to Canada. Hope to read more from your wanderings.

    Roy/Bend, OR.

  2. Congrats! I'm posting your last post here on FB.
    Auntie Carole

  3. It's been great reading your posts all along. What a healthy addiction to have!!

  4. thanks all for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

  5. I finally figured out how to comment!!!

  6. Great following you all summer, a friend is 3 weeks behind you so it was nice seeing what was in store for her.

  7. Hey Pac-man, this is Guppy. I met you at Vermillion Valley Resort way back in the beginning of June. I had borrowed your phone as I hadn't brought my headlamp. You had showed all of us the video of Spitfire jumping into Rea Lakes and letting out the biggest yell. We were all rolling from laughing so hard. I was thru hiking the JMT Sobo. Anyway, I wanted to congratulate you on completing your journey. It sounds like this is just the beginning of many journeys for you. I wish you the best. I want to thank Pac-mom for putting up the posts. I really enjoyed following you. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Again, congratulations and many happy trails to you.

  8. Someday, we will have a Trail that starts at the Arctic Ocean, and ends at the bottom of South America, just as we will have trails starting in Vladivostok and ending in Scandanavia. It will be proof that our species has finally matured.