A nice introduction for Natalie to the wilderness..

 Horsies! If you look real close on the right there is a dead one that keeled over ;)

Doug bathed in a creek the day before with some other naked hippie...

… but still smelled.

Then I asked doug if he had seen any rattlers yet and he said no. Five minutes later he was leading us on the trail and jumped back in terror. A five foot rattler was sitting on the 15 inch wide dirt path through the grasses & rattlin his 7 inch long rattles!
Natalie proceeded by screaming, turning and running. I got a stick to toss at it to get those rattles going again!

Should I tell him his backpack is crooked and looks goofy?
Naa, I won't tell him. He has only been gone 7 days. It just matches Doug :)

Good 'Ol Doug. He is a good brother.
Where is he going in life...
To Canada! Duh!