Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ashland, Oregon

July 27
Ashland, OR
I slept in till about 8am then did the 4 or so miles to the highway where I got a hitch from a lady in a blue bug. I wasn't expecting her to pull over, as a lady in a blue bug would usually speed up at the sight of me, but she said she could tell I was a hiker and not a bum! I do look pretty homeless. I filled my craving for doughnuts and had a coffee, then wandered around and ended up getting a pizza. Since I was pushing it the last couple days my body got pretty sore, so I am ready for a zero and some rest. I also plan on eating a bunch before I get going in Oregon. There aren't many good stores to buy from in Oregon along the PCT, so I have to buy a bunch of food here and send it to places on trail. A lot of people do that all the time, but it's a first for me so it might take a while to organize. So, it's not all R&R in Ashland. Off to a local brew pub and some sort of good dinner. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Close to Ashland

          Trail magic!!! 

July 26
I was about 25 miles from Ashland when I woke up and I decided I might as well just go in tomorrow. So, I had an easy day with a sleep in, a long siesta, and draining my I pod listening to music. The walk was great and slow today. I didn't push it at all and barely broke a sweat because the weather was a little cloudy with thunder coming from Mt Shasta area. Shasta looked like it was huge again, besides that, it was covered in a storm. That image in itself was pretty cool to look at though. Saw a few day hikers and I'm sure some people passed me while I was siestaing. I'm about 3 miles out so I can mozy on into town for breakfast followed by a zero! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Welcome To Oregon, Mile 1727

July 25
I'm in Oregon!!!
I grew up in California but never realized how big it is. Well, I got going and couldn't find water at the first couple springs. Then, it was about 10:30am and I still hadn't found water. I passed 4 water sources that were dry, then I saw where water should be on the map. I had to bushwhack and 
lost a good hour or two because the water came out so slowly. I was really in the mood for a big day, so bummer on the time waster. At least I was in shade and the water was cold. I got going after that and more stuff was hard to find. There were some southbound hikers that couldn't find water also. It was a dry and hot day with water that was hard to find. Then I got to Oregon where I celebrated with a good dinner. I walked from border to border in California. Pretty nifty. I'll sleep well tonight. But the time I lost made it so I'm still 26 miles out of Ashland. It might be a close call if I go in to town, or not. I am ramping up and ready for the berries and beer in Oregon. I have had some big days, 35,29,33 miles the last 3 days, and I am ready to walk hard and eat hard in Oregon!!! I am going to eat triple decker peanut butter Nutella berry sammiches until I can eat them no longer. Also, there is an on trail AYCE at Crater Lake!!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Seiad Valley

Now those are some flapjacks!
July 24
Seiad Valley, CA
There was something in the camp last night. Moses said most likely pig or coyote. I got going early and heard the same noise a bear was recently making pulling apart a deadfall tree. I shouted, "Hey bear!" to let him know I was there. He ran off, so I just heard a bear, didn't see it. It was all downhill then through some PO along a creek. Then... 6 mile road walk. All PCTers complain about roads. Once we hit pavement, there's something we're not used to and it makes everything that's on the lower body hurt. Also, it's probably the most dangerous thing on the PCT, maybe second to being in a car. Well, we got to Seiad Valley and it was eating time. Godfather and Texas Grit decided to go for the pancake challenge [eat 5 pancakes and free]. I just did an amazing burger and great onion rings. It hit the spot. But they had 5 massive pancakes, and by massive I mean 3 times the size of normal Denny's pancakes. I would have struggled to get one down. It did not look fun. I got a well needed shower, laundry, and a good rest, then decided to do the climb out of town on the fuel of the burger. It got me up the hill feeling good. So, my not feeling well before was, I believe, cryptosoridum. I spelled that wrong. But I got it because I don't treat my water. The diseases you do have to watch out are from humans. So, I am very careful that I don't take water from an area that might have human feces around. If so, I would bleach or boil the water if I had to drink it. Those diseases can knock ya out. Here is what crypto whatever did to me. I would have felt kinda nauseous for 2 days, maybe three, but my medication worked great. All 'movements' were fine. My medication for the problem made it so I'm not nauseous, and I was still able to enjoy enough food. Also, I have heard giardia stories. It isn't that bad. I carry a pill, Flagyl, that knocks the issues out. No Chlorine or Florine, or whatever poison, would be in my water though. I like the thought of that. Well, enough of that. I'm camped on a ridge and there was a little sprinkle for the end of the climb. It's kinda nice since it was blazing hot today. Great day and I most likely will be taking a vacation in Oregon for a bit, starting tomorrow.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains. There was a bigger white Marble Mountain and a smaller black Marble Mountain.
July 22
I didn't sleep too well last night because I got some sort of bug. It's not bad, I just feel sick sometimes, but it was really bad last night. Just feeling sick. That's it. Early morning I heard some noise and thought that it sounded like bear. There was a bear tearing into a deadfall tree. It was ripping into it making a lot of noise. I yelled out, "Hey Mr. Bear!" but he didn't hear me. I had a good look and went on my way. Uphill, I met Moses and was informed that the restaurant at Seiad Valley closes at 2pm, so we all pushed it pretty hard today to make sure we get there tomorrow. The walking was great for a big day, too. There was a lot of cloud coverage because of a thunderstorm that might hit. Great for hiking big miles though. The Marble Mountains were on the menu for today. Very cool couple miles. Pushed till about 8pm, ended up doing about 34ish miles today, and felt good the whole time. The bug went away after the morning routine. Great day!!! Seiad Valley tomorrow. The restaurant is supposed to be one of the best. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hwy 3, Scott Mountain Summit to Carter Meadows Summit

There are lakes all over the place here. 
July 21
Got another great and filling breakfast from Mom this morning and I was on my way with nothing on my back. I had 20 miles from Highway 3 to 93 where Ma was meeting me. There was plenty of water on the way, so all I brought was a water bottle in my hand and a power bar in my pocket. I didn't even really need the water bottle since there was plenty of water. I made my way up the hill and it started to level out, so I started to jog. I passed some section hikers and about 10 miles in, I started to feel like I'd be hungry soon so I picked up the pace. With about 1 mile left, I ran into Eli and Gabby whom I met the first day on the border and haven't seen them since mile 100. It was nice seeing them. We strolled up to the car where Ma gave us soda and snacks. We did some reminiscing and saying who we've met, then Mom and I drove off to our campsite [Klamath NF Hidden Horse Campground]. I made good time today with no pack on. 20 miles and I did it in about 6 hours. I left at 9ish and got there around 3. I had a beer and a great dinner. It's sad, though, as this is the last of the days of my getting spoiled, for now. Tomorrow, it's a full pack up the hill. At least I'll have a full belly. 
   Hidden Horse Campground
Sign at Scott Mountain Summit

On My Way to Scott Mountain Summit

             A flutterby
July 20
Got up late today to the rising sun beating down on me like a loaf of dough in a furnace. I got going and decided I'd take a break at every spring and read a chapter of my book. I had 12 miles to do today and there were 6 springs. Do the math. Except I think I threw in a few bonus chapters because I felt lazy today. Also I have a good book. I'm a sucker for history and memoirs, and Memoirs of a Geisha is a good book. It's a little different, but it's very well written, and overall, I'm addicted to it. So, basically the hiking today was great as usual but the reading today was excellent. Oh, ya. Then I met up with Mom and ate and read a bit more. 300 pages down and 200 left. It's a pretty heavy book so I don't want to carry it for long. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gumboot Trailhead to Scott Mountain Summit

   Shaded walking pretty much all day.
July 19
Pacmom made a big and great breakfast that seemed to fuel me all day. She took me to the trailhead where we met Dora. Lightening Rod and Walkie Talkie came rolling in right away and got a bagel and also a breakfast beer. We got going and about 10 miles in there was a nice lake with a few people at it. It was too nice to pass, so I took an extended siesta there. The second half of the day I met quite a few weekend and day hikers. There were a lot of families and it brought back memories of when we came here as very young kids. I had 10 miles till water which was suppose to be a creek where I could set camp. I went past a seep of water and thought it couldn't be the thing labeled as a creek. Sure enough, I started to climb which meant it was the creek. So I saw a lake not too far off, so if I need water in the morning, I guess I can just go to it. Tomorrow is 9 miles till water, then another 6 to water, food, beer, and soda. Aka Pacmom. Thanks Mom. 


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Castle Crags and Gumboot Lake

                                          Gumboot Lake
                                   July 17
Zero day with Pacmom! I woke up to a great breakfast, then we did some driving around. Lots of driving actually. As long as I'm not walking too much, all is good. She brought me a book that I've been wanting to read, so that was nice. Then, a great dinner and off to bed. Thanks Pacmom!

Castle Crags
Mt Shasta from Castle Crags
July 18th
Momma took me to the trail (Castle Crags at Soda Creek) and I got going with a few bagels and a pack that weighed about 6 lbs. Dora was at the trailhead and we chased down my Mom's car to drop off her pack, but just missed her. We took off and since I was about 30 lbs lighter than Dora, I took off. I got into the climb and it wasn't all that bad since I was light, but it was still pretty hot. I ended up making good time and passing Dusty and Opa. I did my 26 miles to the parking lot (Gumboot TH) where my Mom was waiting with sodas and snacks. Opa pulled in, then Dusty and they got their sodas and snacks and were pleased, then Momma and I took off to the lake (Gumboot) where it was a bit nicer. All in all a great day. I slept in and finished up the hiking at about 4pm and still got 26 miles in. Thanks, Pacmom. What I did today is called "slack packing" in PCT lingo. So, I pretty much just carry snacks for the day and day essentials. Very nice!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hiker Pictures Near Gumboot Lake, Scotts Mountain, and Carter Meadows

    Dusty, Pacman, and Opa
       Dora, Lightening Rod, Walkie Talkie, Pacman
                 Pacman at Gumboot Lake with Pacmom. Best place ever!
      Gumboot Lake with the moon reflection at the water's edge.
Pacman, Gabby and Eli (or Scabby and Tea Bag), and Gavin
Eeyore (Sobo) and Eeyore's Wife, resting. (Pacman did not meet him.)
Photos by Mom

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dunsmuir, McCloud, and Shasta City

      Doug at McCloud Middle Falls
July 16
Got going with Jest Jeff this morning down to Castle Crags State Park. We had some cool views of the Castle of Crag, or whatever. It looks like very jagged peaks. Maybe I can camp in the Castle one of these knights... We got down to the road and crossed the Sacramento River. There was a pretty good jumping hole and it looked like it was plenty deep to jump off the bridge. We didn't though as we were very hungry. We got to a cafe for some Internet and the owner made us a breakfast sandwich that they didn't let us pay for. Then, we rolled over to the grocery store and I ate some more to get ready for lunch. Then, lunch and some guy we were talking with bought us another beer. I gotta say we have been getting so much trail magic up here in northern Cali. It seems like it's at least once a day there's a trail surprise, and sometimes 2 or 3 times. After that, it was just schmucking around town picking berries, cherries, and eating apricots. Not a bad town and town visit. Thanks Dunsmir. Then Mommy arrived and swooped me away for a zero tomorrow. 

Doug reading on his zero day near Castle Crags.

Friday, July 19, 2013

California Section P and O, near Dunsmuir

Don't know what it is, but it's a big chunk of metal for being where it was.
July 15
Got going this morning along a nice ridge. It was cool and no PO while walking.  After the first water source, I met up with Just Jeff who didn't sleep too well because of a buck in our camp last night. He was up dealing with it for about an hour. Once we figured out it was a deer and not a bear, I fell right back asleep. He was cowboy camping, so it's a little more dangerous with deer around here. 

I have 2 deer stories.
First, was Robocop, who was getting charged by a buck around this area. I guess word on the street is that the bucks here are more territorial, and sometimes charge. Second, is that some hiker was cowboy camping and a deer came up and licked his face for the salt, in the middle of the night.
So, back to hiking, we did good miles to the second creek where we had a good lunch break. There's a bit of PO around this part, so all of us hikers who gathered at that water (8 of us) were sitting on the trail making a road block. The rest of the day went pretty smoothly. I did all of my miles with Just Jeff. He is a very funny guy. We did 32 miles, so not bad. I'm camped about 6 miles out of Hwy 5, and I can hear it. I'm above the PO line, so that's all that matters. I'm gonna sleep great knowing that I'm not sleeping in a PO mega bush. We saw a lot of it today and should be seeing it for the next 100-300 miles. I think this and the next section is the worst of it. On my maps, it is CA section P and O. Go figure. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Burney Falls Mile 1423

July 14 
Burney Falls. If you go there, I suggest drinking out of the river. It's great spring water. All the smaller falls are coming out of earth, and the earth makes some darn good water.

After Burney Falls, CA
What a great trail magic and fun thing Chief and Chief's Wife did for us. I had a great time last night. First thing in the morning, 8am or so, I had a coffee. Then I lazied around for a bit, then took off to see Burney Falls. From what I now know, the falls are one of the coolest places. So, this is the second biggest spring in the U.S. The river that makes Burney Falls is dry about a quarter mile upstream. Then, it turns into a gushing river in an instant, then there is an amazing waterfall. So, technically, it's a spring, a big one. So, I had a drink of fresh spring water from the river. I'm pretty sure it's a spring that supplies some bottled water like Crystal Geyser, or something, maybe. The falls were also very evident of this because you could see separate springs all over it that wasn't coming from the river flow water. She was a doozie. We made it to a creek where a good hiker box had breakfast and filled me up. Dehydrated eggs and bacon bits, I think, and a non-soy protein drink (labeled for 2 people). It was delicious. There was a decent swimming hole that I took a cold dip in. The rest of the day was good hiking, and I turned in early because we stayed up late last night. In the tent by 7pm. We still did 20 miles today even though most of us were pretty tired. Good day to you.

PCT To Canada 1233, to Mexico 1417 and Burney Falls SP

July 14, or maybe 15th
Burney Falls State Park
Got up at my amazing campsite and headed off into the lava field. I pulled into a fish hatchery where there was water and lots of fish. 1 million roughly. They were sucking a load of fish into the truck. I didn't get to see it, but I heard it was pretty cool. The fish were fighting the current in the clear tube that went into the truck. 

Today's breakfast was blackberry cobbler with oatmeal. It was almost too good. Breakfast isn't suppose to be that good. I figured out that most of what I'm eating came from Gumby and DoubleIt. I kept doing miles and ran across a nice trail angel cache with snacks and soda which propelled me the last few miles to Burney Park where I met up with the crew. I met Cowgirl, and Midnight Chocolate, Chief, and Chief's Wife. Chief's Wife is supporting him by camper, so she's got all the goods. We had a great time hanging, eating, drinking, and just being hikers. What a great day. And what a cool duo with recently retired Chief and his wife. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mile 1460

Mt. Shasta, probably today was one of the closest days the PCT gets to it.
July 14

Mile 1460
 I ran into a trail crew during the morning hike and got to give them all a caramel candy that I've been carrying and handing out. That was pretty cool since it's usually us that's getting the trail magic. They were working hard and that trail was lookin nice.

I think we're about as close as we get to Shasta. I was taking lots of pictures, and doing a lot of sitting, and just looking at Shasta during breaks. What a cool mountain. It's 14,000 feet. The elevation at Mt Shasta City is probably 4000 feet, or so. The mountain just towers over everything. We thought we were done with Lassen, but it showed up when we started walking south. Also, I just hit the point of PCT where we start going around Shasta, and doing a lot of walking to the west, and even south. We walked south for a bit today, and in a bit, there's a good chunk of walking south, maybe 15-30 miles of it. Haha. Oh well. Just more exciting days on the PCT, so it's fine by me. I was kinda struggling today because my shoes are in pretty rough condition. I'm getting some in 40 miles at Hwy 5. I need them badly. My right foot got a sore on it that's hurting and making my pinkey toe swell. For some reason, my ankle got sore at about 20 miles. I'll show a picture of them when I officially retire them. There's holes all over the place and both of em need glue everyday to keep them decent. We ran into a camp of some sort, and it turned out to be a trail crew that's doing a chunk of this section...separate from the trail crew, I saw this morning. They were very nice and welcoming. I got a soda, pasta, and salad from them. I also got some good info on going to Mt Shasta. They said it would be a tough climb since it's all loose rock and there's no snow. I also got to talking with a guy that has been a frequenter of the spot on the Middle Fork of the Feather River that my family always go to, including this July 4th. He also saw the first ever PCT hiker in 1968, or 78. The frequenter was fishing and the hiker came by on the Feather River, same bridge we went over, and said he was coming from Canada going to Mexico. I forget the hiker's name, but he was 19, going south, and carrying a hundred pounds, or so.

Tough day! I was beat, but a great day! 
I fired them for talking too much.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sunset of Shasta and Subway Cave

                Sunset of Shasta. 
July 11
Hat Creek Rim near Burney Falls, CA
Got up to my alarm at 6am today. I was up at 4am and thinking of leaving because we have a hot 30 mile, no water stretch, and I don't have a bunch of bottles like in So Cal. I decided to go with 6am wake up and go to the diner, JJ's Cafe. I got there at about 7am. They knew I was a hiker, but they really knew when I asked, "What's a big breakfast?" I got a burrito that could have fed a couple people. JJ hooked me up!!! It was the size of a loaf of bread, but a little longer. I slowly walked out of that place feelin great, besides for my stomach hurting, the meat sweats acting up, and not being able to walk more than 100 yards without a break. I was hurting but it felt soooooo good. The Subway Cave was only a half mile, so I went there and had a peep around. It was cool, literally. It was nice and cool in there. That got the meat sweats under control. Three of us hung there for a sec, then we headed to the Hat Creek Rim stretch. Dora ate the last quarter of the party sized burrito as I was still way too full. Once I got going, and the massive burrito engine started to get going, I felt like I was gonna make it to Canada in a couple hours. We hit a lookout at pretty much the start of the rim, and Ka-pow!!! There's Shasta. It's like you can reach out and touch it. It looks so close. I've been excited about Shasta and seeing it today is amazing. I added a rule today, if I ever want to sit down and look at Shasta, then I'm gonna sit down and look at Shasta. The rim had amazing views, all the time, at the valley with Lassen to the left and Shasta to the right.  It was very exposed and hot and dry and no water though, so it kinda felt like desert. Well, unlike the desert, there's a few nice rivers and lakes tomorrow, so I'll be able to make my way to a nice siesta and a dip. Great day! Also, I'm going to bed well hydrated because someone maintains a water cache halfway through that 30 mile no water stretch.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Old Station, California

               Mt Lassen
Old Station, CA
Had a good sleep till about 7am. That seems like it's the time to wake up nowadays. The morning hike was great. I even got lost on a side trail for a mile, or so. It seemed that I was flip-floppin with all the hikers that are around. We grouped up at the last water and had a good break. Let's see if I can rattle off the new group... Iceman and Cattywompus, Gumby and DoubleIt, Whistler, Texas Grit, and the familiar Dora, and good ol' Maverick and Lodgepole. Also, a quick part of the group was Ishi, or Anish, or Odyssa. That's close to her trail name. She is trying for the speed record for thru hike of the PCT. Apparently, she is doing 40-50 miles a day and is going for the men and women's record. We all had our eye out for her, and knew that she would be flying past us at light speed. One of the gang saw her at a Trail Angel's that was camping and set up to give out food, but couldn't get many words out of her. (She was stuffing as much food as she could.) So, go fast lady hiker!!! That's awesome! And, she holds the women's record for the Appalachian trail, also. For another "For the Record," I also stuffed my face at the Trail Angel's set up! It was awesome! Thanks Legasarus and Pochahontis. I then pulled into Old Station RV Park where I had a burger, some beer, and a bit of ice cream. Today was the most I've ever stuffed myself on trail. I was hurting hungry all day. I ate so much, even for myself. The whole day I've been eating and when I had a big meal, I was immediately hungry. I knew I felt it, so at about noon I got angry and made an instant potato packet, only 500 calories or so... So, I added maybe a cup of olive oil, maybe 1500??? Calories. I chowed that down thinking, ok, I'm good for a few hours. I got hungry and ate almost all my snacks after that, like 4 brownies, 5 nature bars, and a big bag of chips and Fritos (1600 calories). So, I'm going to bed hungry, not because I didn't eat. I had a bagel with cream cheese, 4 beers, a burger, a big bowl of ice cream, and half a bag of chips. Good night. 

Steam Train at Lassen Volcanic NP

  It sounded like a steam train.
Past Chester, CA
I had a great breakfast in town, then Piper's Mom gave us a ride back to the trailhead where we took off. Thanks again to all the great people in Chester. That was an amazing stop. About 6 miles in, there was another crossing of the North Fork of the Feather River where we gathered as a group. There were about 6 of us thru hikers and we ran into some day hikers. One of them had some good stories of the trails he did when he was younger. I think we actually scared his granddaughter, too. We were eating and hanging out under the bridge and we made troll noises. Stinky Smelly PCT Hiker Trolls. After lunch, we got into Lassen Volcanic National Park, and I took a side trail to a geyser vent. It was pretty cool, very loud, and it was making a hot little creek. Too hot for foot dippin though. There is some sort of resort here, too, but everything is very expensive. They had a hot spring, normal sized, swimming pool, but it seemed like we weren't allowed to go in. Oh well. I made my dinner and had a good view of the sun setting on the mountains. I did another mile or two after that. It seemed like it would be a bear resort, too. Don't want Yogi, or Boo Boo, knocking in the night.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

PCT Midpoint and 93 Days on the Crest!

July 8
Chester, CA and halfway!!!
Got up and realized I was close to a spring, so I filled up with some good water. The miles are amazing walking through this dense forest. I made it to about 10 miles in, and there was the midpoint marker!!! 1330 or something like that. The actual PCT mileage is always changing, so they just leave the post there. It's good for me! Halfway!!! It's so fun to think back on all the adventures and days I've had where I can't pick which day was the best. Everything up to this point has been so amazing and fun. Lots of great people, too. The trail really does bring out the best in people. I'm very excited that I still have another half, and I'm sure every day will be just as exciting. If I haven't shared this yet, I'm very excited for the time when the berries become ripe. I'm gonna eat so many berries!!! Back on the trail, the views of Mt Lassen are getting to be very good. While pulling up near the road, I ran into Dora, who I hadn't seen for a while. She was organizing a ride to Chester from an amazing Trail Angel. Piper's Mom picked us up and there were sodas and fruit at the trailhead. She took us for a little tour of town, then dropped us off at a dentist office! So, at the dentist office they give you a $20 coupon to a good restaurant. Dora and I had our fill on pizza and a beer for only $5 total! The dentist is awesome! He even gave one of the British girls a tooth exam, or cleaning of some sort, for free!!! The town of Chester was one of the best and nicest stops so far. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Belden, CA

July 6
Shasta Redwoods, according to the trail runner.
Belden, CA
Got up at about 6am ready to do some miles. The morning miles were peaceful, as usual. I met a day trail runner who I got to chatting and hiking with. Good guy and had a lot of good info. The springs here are plentiful and have amazing water, usually. I looked at the elevation chart and saw a big drop into Belden, like 4-5000 feet over a few miles. There were a lot of steep switchbacks and a bit of PO. I pulled into Belden and was like, Oh, what's going on. There was a Techno Music Festival. It was creepy. The restaurant there was funky, too. I had to ask for my coke 4 times, and got some burger that wasn't a burger. It was a veggie burger, or something. Oh, well. They didn't charge me for the coke, so it ended up being pretty cheap. I got out of there pretty fast and had some beers by the creek and zonked out for a good siesta. I was thinking about heading up the hill a bit. While throwing out my beer bottles, someone said, "Are you going to the hiker house? It's only a quarter of a mile that way." I didn't know which way to go before, so I figgered, might as well. This is another amazing Trail Angel house who gave me a much needed toothbrush. (I lost mine 2 days ago!!!) Good night. Big climb tomorrow morning!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Bucks Lake, Plumas County, California

July 5 This was a pretty cool lookout where I took a snack break. 

Bucks Lake Recreation Area
Had a great sleep last night and woke up feeling great. First 5 miles were down to the Feather River. I got there about 9am and was planning on just jumping in... But I jumped in, took a nap, jumped in again, read, jumped in again, read, took another nap, then decided it was time to get going 5 hours later. I started off going down the wrong trail about a quarter mile, but I got some good water out of it. The climb back wasn't all that bad. It was shaded at the time, so I got to go shirtless to keep cool. There were a few creeks and streams on the way up and a little poison oak, but no mega bushes. A Trail Angel put up a sign to come to their house at the road. I was planning on stopping, and I got there and forgot: "Left or right." So, I kept going. Finished my hiking at 8pm and still had plenty of good light left. I gotta try and plan my days to get a good siesta spot since there is so much daylight: 5-11am hike, siesta, and then hike 3-8pm since it's getting pretty hot during the day. Great day! Every day I get to hang out on the Feather River is gonna be a great day.,_California

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back to the PCT

July 4th!
I got a good breakfast from Greg, then he drove me back to the trailhead. We said our goodbyes and off I went into the hot forest. I wanted to be back on the river so that I could jump in. I was kinda tired from the night before, so I powered through it and hiked till 7pm where I set up camp and am going to get some good sleep. No alarm clock tomorrow. I'm gonna get some quality sleep, then about 5 miles back to the Feather River where I'm sure I'll jump in.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

7/1-7/3/13 Vacation with the Family

       Family Camp, Photo by Mark Murray
             Doug's Version
7-1 to 7-3-13
Today Pops and Mark got in their final 12, or so, miles. We got to the La Porte Road at about noon and had a siesta/wait for Greg by the creek. Greg came and swooped us away to our spot that we have been going to since I was a wee lad. It's an amazing spot right on the river with a stream that runs through it for good drinking water. A guy that mined must have lived there because it has a nice campfire and cooking area, benches, a shovel, and all that good stuff. The river has some good fishing and great swimming. There is a spot with a 30 foot jump into a pool. There were 3 nights with my brother Greg, his girlfriend and gf's sister, and our cousin, Cass. I will take Dad and Mark back to Hwy 80, and it's back on the trail for me. A great stop and lots of fun. Thanks all, and thanks Dad and Mark for hiking with me. I had a blast!
                     A Path

Greg's Version
Well, our young cousin (conveniently) got "stung" by a bee about 5 steps from the car and Doug got to carry her backpack the mile to our spot. I'm not sure about you, but she looks kinda ok in the below pic… Since my Dad was feeling good, he took it half the way. Mark was not feeling so good since he dropped his sleeping bag down the hill at some point and had to walk back to find it. Doug saw it when we finally caught up to the old timers, but Mark had already left to go searching for it. Once Mark got back and was given a pint of Newcastle out of the mini keg that Doug hauled in, he loosened up a little. We know it's tough being retarded…especially if you smell almost as bad as Doug.
>> Anyways, we had a good time. If anyone asks, tell them we had fun. All the girls got trail names. Natalie got "Sleepy." Karina was… well, she was also "Sleepy," and Cassidy was "Skit-zo," (pronounced like Skip-Bo) due to her freaking out whenever anything moved. She loved the water tho!
                  Pacman-Pacman, photo by Greg
       Vacation with Family, photo by Greg

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lots of Lakes

They're looking good. I need a haircut!

Mark got us up at about 7am today. We got going and saw lots of nice lakes. Probably about 20 or so today. There were a lot of good lookouts with great views too. At about 8 miles we got to "A Tree Spring." I guess there used to be a tree that looked like an "A." We couldn't find the tree, but the spring was amazing. Cold, good fresh water. Can't complain about that. Also, we met Hooligan, an Irishman. We decided to push on with the hopes of the creek 4 miles away being nice and big enough for a dip. The climb was hot, but those guys (Pops and Mark) are trail hardened by now and did it with ease, it seemed. We got to a small creek where we met the first sobo (southbound) thru hiker and his dog. He was a chatterbox, but in his defense he probably hasn't seen many people the last 3 months. Very nice guy and a cool dog. The conversation was about 2 hours long. It reminded me of the other sobo hiker
 I ran into who talked my ear off. We headed down the trail to Nelson Creek, where we set up camp a bit off trail next to the creek. We had a good clean since it was big enough to sit in. Dinner, cards, and some good chit chat, then it's beddy bye time. Great day and very familiar looking forest that I grew up camping in and around. 

Deer Lake, photo by Mark Murray

Upper Salmon Lake, photo by Mark Murray

Monday, July 8, 2013

After Sierra City

Brothers on the climb
We got up and going at about 6am to beat the heat. The first 8 miles was a 3000 foot climb with a good amount of switchbacks. Once the sun hit us, the climbing got a little tougher. We made it to our water destination and pretty much the top at about 11am for a good siesta. The water at that spring was amazing too. Cold and clear. The second part of the day was a bit of confusing road, walking through populated trail heads, and lots of people getting ready for 4th of July. We got to our spot and had another amazing Mountain House meal, then played some cards. I think the climb today wore those guys out, so hopefully they get some good sleep. It was a tough climb so they should be tired. Great day!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Hwy 80 to Sierra City to La Porte Road and Beyond

June 26 to July 3, 2013
                            Pacman on the PCT
                             Sierra  Buttes

                         Pacman, PacDad, and PacUncle (See switchback on trail on left!)
                            PacFamily on Vacation near La Porte Road. PacUncle taking picture..

Photos by Mark Murray